Practices of Streaming Resistance


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General Information 🎁

Program Segments

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As we are sitting at Spui25’s brightly lit room, preparing to dwell into Practices of Streaming Resistance.*** ***

Following a brief introduction, we welcome on stage Karl and Margarita from The Hmm and Hackers & Designers to talk about Thresholds of Access.

The second presenter, Cade Diehm walks on stage. His presentation on Digital Infrustructure Resilience and Weaponized Design starts in a fun and joking manner, establishing a welcoming atmosphere, a beautiful break from the “doomy feeling” that is so present in academia.

Weirdness does not stop here. As Roman Dziadkiewicz walks upon the stage. He is here to represent UKRAiNATV and talk about Stream Art, Hybrid togetherness.

Roman’s presentation was followed by a round table featuring the speakers, moderated by Margarita Osipian.

Red Thread 🤔

Live Streaming can bring people together and offer support in the time of crisis, when other forms of connection may be impossible, be it COVID or war. DIY live streaming can be an effective method of political resistance. Although there are many tensions present: between the political agency of self hosting and the technical restrictions, open source and accessibility, urgency and quality. Experimenting instead of just theorizing, and having fun with streaming, could antagonize the doomy feeling of our day-to-day reality. red thread

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