Key Terms

Pad: A pad is an online text editing document (such as a GoogleDoc or, in this case, the open-source alternative Etherpad). On the back-end, publications in Etherport consist of pads. Each pad generates a single page on the front end (or ‘static version’). Simple publications may have just one pad (apart from the ‘index’, see below), but they can also be parts (e.g. chapters) of a larger publication.

Index: An index is a special pad of which each publication has one. It functions as the home page (digital version) or as the combined colofon and back-cover (print version) of a publication. In the index, you will typically include an overview of collaborators and a blurb.

Template: When creating a new pad in Etherport, it is possible to select a template. If you select a template, the newly opened pad will not be blank, but it will include pre-structured base content. For instance, the template ‘Event Report’ includes a step-by-step guide for the author who will write the event report. (It is possible to create your own template files, or customize existing templates.)

Folder: The pads in EtherDish are organised in folders (like the files on your computer). EtherDish is programmed to recognize each folder as a separate publication. The content of this publication is the collected content of all pads in the folder.

Root folder: This is the main of the folder system, where all publication folders and master template files are collected. The root folder is also the landing page on the back-end of Ehterport, from where you can navigate to any publication.

Static version or generated version: This is the ‘front end’ or ‘read mode’ version of the digital tool, which is automatically generated and designed. To refresh the static version and preview changes, it is required to regenerate it.

Label: Labels are used to categorize bits of content (typically sentences or paragraphs) as a specific type of content (e.g. quote, opinion). These labels create additional, non-linear pathways throughout a report and between reports on EtherPluck.