quote"More and more cultural institutions and creators are initiating a digital transformation. To do this successfully, an institution also needs an environment that encourages and advances this fundamentally different way of working. " — Maaike Verberk, director DEN.

DEN is the Dutch driving force of digital transformation in the cultural sector. For some time, the organisation has been researching what is needed to enable the digital transition for all players in the field. In doing so, they also like to take input from artists, designers and programmers, preferably creators who regularly find themselves in digital spaces. Voices of Makers is a programme of four mapping sessions that MU Hybrid Art House and The Hmm are conducting in the coming months on behalf of DEN with the help of visual storyteller and mapping designer Rogier Klomp. During the four sessions, each with a specific theme, reflectionwe will invite makers to think with us about an interactive public space for hybrid culture and draw maps of what is needed.